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VIP is what keeps the servers alive and running on fast dedicated hardware.

RustNRelax Admins use a wide variety of free and paid Plugins and Bots to provide players with the best protection against Racism, Teamers, Cheats & Hackers.

Contact us on https://discord.gg/RustNRelax and one of our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


RUSTNRELAX Solo | 3X | Monthly | 50% Upkeep | No BP Wipe

RUSTNRELAX Duo | 3X | Monthly | 50% Upkeep | No BP Wipe

RUSTNRELAX Trio | 3X | Monthly | 50% Upkeep | No BP Wipe

RUSTNRELAX Max5 | 3X | Monthly | 50% Upkeep |  No BP Wipe

Build bigger bases. Easy 50% TC Upkeep
SAMSites Won't Shoot Base Owner
Large Backpacks | Recyclers | RaidAlarm
3X Gather | 3X Stacks | 3X Components | 3X Electric
2X Scrap | 1.5X Sulfur
2X Crafting | 2X Recycling | 2X Smelting
Longer Days (55 mins) - Shorter Nights (5 mins)
Drone Marketplaces at Ranch & Fishing Villages
Recyclers at Dome, Cargo Ship, Oil Rigs & Fishing Villages

VIP Plugins - AutoAuth | AutoCode | AutoDoors | BGrade | EverLight | FarmTools
FurnaceSplitter | Custom Coloured Name In Game | SignArtist
Skins | SkipQueue | Quick & Advanced SortBox | SoundBox


Full DDOS Protection
Custom AntiCheat
No VAC Bans < 60 Days
No EAC Rust Game Banned Alt Accounts
No VPN or Proxy Connections
Hosted on Dedicated, High Performing Hardware